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Fast cars fast women & me ( or at least 2 out of 3.)

Old Racing Cars and me

My name Geoff Frizell.

Who am I? Born South Africa. Lived initially on Hogs back Mountains (near my hero Nelson Mandela). Played with model cars as a two year old. My older brother helped me build a soap box car when I was about 5 or 6. My first build. Our hotel burned down and we moved to Central Africa/Northern Rhodesia/Southern Rhodesia. I built a Triton Motorcycle as a14 year old. This is a Norton frame with a Triumph motor. Next was an Austin Healy 100/4 that I fitted a Chev V8 to. Almost educated in Salisbury Rhodesia. Built my first racing car in 1967 a 1200 Formula Vee. I learnt a great deal about spinning and racing. In all I have built 5 racing cars as well as rebuilding many others. I went to England in 1968 and was involved in International group 5 sports car racing. I was fortunate enough to go to most of the great tracks- Brands, Spa, Le Manns, Austrich, Ringen, Nurberg Ring and many many more. I have met many famous people - some good some not so. These include: Slirling Moss (a neighbor), Innes Ireland (another neighbor), The Duke of Hamilton (my host), Ian Smith (Rhodesian P.M), James Hunt, David Piper, David Prophet, Brian Redman, John Surtees - and have been locked up (for a short time only) with others. I have driven many fine cars: Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chev 7 litre Camero (I managed to spin it at Hyde Park corner without hitting anything (pretty damn good!), Chev Frenzy, several Formula Atlantics, many single seaters and sports racing cars. I have many photos of racing cars that I thought others may enjoy. Also many stories. I stopped racing in 1980 and did not go near a racing car till about 2000 when I walked across the road to a fellow business mans place and saw he was building a replica Elfin racing car. I couldn’t help myself and was soon involved with building his car. Once this was done I started with one for me, the building of which is also chronicled here. I realized that I am having trouble remembering it all so decided to chronicle my memories and hope that some of you will find it entertaining. .




(a giant killer which won virtually every race it entered  usually winning overall beating cars in much bigger categories.)