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What I do

In 1980 I moved to Australia after a few years of Formula Altlantic racing in South Africa. With a young family to consider I put my head down and started a new life here. Initially on arriving I spoke to Larry Perkins who put me in touch with Brian Shead of Cheeta Racing cars. Brian was keen on me helping to test and set up his beautiful formula two cars, after a lot of thought I declined as I was over motor racing at that point. I was tempted thoguh - as Brian's cars were as well put together as any factory built cars I have been involved with. It was a long while before I looked at cars for fun again.

Since 2000 I have been building, modifying, and racing Elfin race cars. After assisting a fellow enthusiast to build his car, I soon went on to build my own. It started in my shed and made its way to the race track in a short a time. In between building the Elfins, I have restored a couple of classic Holden's, fixed a numerous amount of cars and given a new coat of paint to a few. Considering I am a electrical technician and was running my business full time, I'm not sure how I fitted all this in - it must be my sheer love of cars.....




My Elfin Mellala

The 12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of Daytona, and 24 Hours of Le Mans were once widely considered to be the trifecta of sports car racing; driver Ken Miles would have been the only driver to win all three in the same year, but an error in the team orders of the Ford GT40 team at Le Mans in 1966 took the win from him, although he finished first.




Hill Climb Race

Ross Devoncorn racing my Elfin at the Hill Climb - Queensland - Ross likes the Hill Climbs!






The first Mellala before completion

The first replica we build - in an unflattering baby blue.




Mallala without rear end

We had to run the car without rear body work for 2 years until we managed to get out hands on a written off rear body.  I repaired it and took a mould.  It is still not perfect, but considering what I had to work with it is a miracle.




Chassis for Elfin Mellala 2

My chassis under construction






My car nearing completion

Putting the final touches on - very exciting stuff! finally after putting the thing together from nothing, searching for the right wheels and deciding on the paint work - it was almost complete.





Rear body prototype

The mould for the rear end being fitted.






Mallala Chassis being skinned








Nearing completion, fine tuning the engine of my Elfin






Elfin Mallala II complete

Completed but in Red causing confusion as we now had 2 red cars, it was later to be resprayed.





Full frontal







Setting up the Elfin in my 'Office'