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Building and racing cars since the 60's, I have worked on a vast array of vehicles in my life. Ranging from Formula Vee race cars to Classic Holden's.

And afterall I've found my self back behind the chassis once again!





My First Formula Vee

1200 Formula Vee Racing car. I built this in 1967 and raced it in South Africa .






3 of my Vee's

3 of my formula Vee race cars, including the championship winner car.





The last Formula Vee.

This was the last formula Vee I built. It was an extremely sucsessful car, winning quite a few races.





Chevron Formula Atlantic.

This is my Formula Atlantic in the process of being rebuilt.






Formula Atlantic

The Atlantic on the grid in South Africa.






Elfin Mallala

This car is a replica Elfin Mallala I helped build with fellow enthusiast Ross Devencorn. This was the reason the flame was re ignited between myself and racing cars - build around 2000. The inspiration for my own Elfin.





Elfin Mallala

The Elfin when it was first built, leaving the tail end off until the engine was finely tuned enough.





Second Elfin Mallala

This is the second Elfin - my own.  Build from scratch, and shown here at the Hill climb being raced by Ross Devencorn. 






Holden HR ute

The Second classic Holden to come into our family. Taken during restoration.  The Ute was restored to near original, rust removed and paint re done etc. Not a race car, but a fine car none the less.





1963 Holden EJ

Bought in original but rough condition, this was a large project.  The car was stripped to bare metal, any rust cut out, re-sprayed, and re upholstered. As I did all the work myself it took some time to complete, finding the original parts proved to be a challenge but we decided to keep it original, keep the grey motor, and 3 speed gear box.